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 Helping Businesses Save Energy Using 21st Century Nano-Technology

USA Nano-Technology  |     Energy Efficiency   |  Guaranteed Monthly Savings 



N-SERIES, F1-MICRO, SUPER CARD, WONDER CARD, and F-SERIES are the latest, state-of-the-art USA green technology in the market that helps businesses, offices, manufacturers save a GUARANTEED minimum of 7% up to 20% electricity cost per month. 

These energy-saving devices are both durable and long-lasting. They are made of bio-ceramic with 18 to 32 layers of premium powdered minerals carefully arranged and combined using the kaleidoscope principle and sophisticated nano-technology equipment.



These Energy Saving Cards (ESC) smoothen electricity wastages like bad harmonics (THD), Eddy Currents, and Electro-magnetic Radiation (EMR). They emit vibrational waves that reduce kilowatt-hour, which is the major criterion for electricity billing by power companies, without dropping the voltage to maximize power saving. 


Aside from giving you a guaranteed minimum of 7% savings per month, these nano-technology cards are proven to cut down latent heat, producing added protection to your machineries and lengthening their lifespan. Consequently, the possibility of breakdowns and maintenance costs is reduced.  It would help the company increase productivity.   


These devices are designed for businessmen who love both convenience and savings. Once these devices are installed in your manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or offices, you can simply leave them and let them work for you. This is very easy to monitor and requires low supervision and maintenance.


These Energy Saving Devices are both durable and long-lasting. Generate significant electrical savings and cut down your operational cost by improving your electricity efficiency. Our team can install these devices in just a few days without a need for a power shutdown. Enjoy saving energy without compromising your operation's time and schedule.  



"Because of the Energy-Savings Card, we are now manufacturing an additional 8.5% production output (on the average) with no extra cost on our monthly electricity bill. Moreover, our payback period is only 10 months."

Gerson C. Medina,ECE
Project Engineer
Republic Biscuit Corp.

"Worth Investing!"

Engr Eli Cabiling
Plant Manager
SPI Corp.



Tzeitel Power Phils., Inc. (TPPI) is one of the advanced developing companies born out of collaboration and perseverance of experienced Engineers, a Filipino Scientist, and Professional Entrepreneurs. TPPI, with the help of its mother company, One Enercon Solutions, Inc.,  focused on providing advanced technologies that would alleviate the burden of electricity consumers, especially the manufacturing and hotel owners.
Established in 2014 as Formula One Global Dist., Inc., TPPI ventured into the distribution of American-German Nano-Technology Energy Saving Cards (ESC) which greatly help to address major national issues and produce a significant amount of savings.
In early 2016, Tzeitel Power Phils., Inc. partnered with Devon Petroleum Limited in opening Russian Technology Modular Power Plants exclusively distributed in the Philippines (Liquefied Carbon Power Plant and Waste Power Plant). This eco-friendly modular power plant offers generation of electricity and Residual Heat Utilization Capabilities such as Refrigerating cold storage, Water Desalination, Heating,  and Hot Water Supply.
Tzeitel Power Phils, Inc. promotes and educates individuals with the latest technology products that will enhance the efficiency of our nation’s rapidly growing economy. All promoted technologies that have been carefully scrutinized by our Research and Development team aims to solve major national crises of Expensive Electricity Rates, High Cost of Fuels, and Health Deterioration from Energy and Technology Pollution.
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